Vein Vanish™-Medical Blue Light Therapy Laser Treatment Pen

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💙💙Say bye-bye to acne scars ,spider veins with this Amazing Laser Pen!💙💙


This is a handy photon device for all skin care. It is using the specific

415 mm blue light

in the visible light to kill the bacteria in the skin and pores.

And the stability of the 42 degree heat and BIO micro electric current

can effectively reduce veins, the grease of pimples, scars and

so that to accelerate the natural cure of skin problems.



It can improve skin-related problems including red spot, Rosacea, thread veins, oily skin and acne scars.

It is suitable for sensitive and acne skin.

Simply use it a day and you'll see dramatic results in just a few uses!


  • Tightens loose skin, shrinks enlarged pores and kills bacteria        
  • Promotes lymph detoxification.                                                  
  • Diminish inflammation and reduce pain.                                            
  • Applicable on oily skin, severe skin allergy and red spots.                 
  • The powerful device combats against spider veins, and can even                                                                                                     
  • help those with Rosacea, post-operative bruising and age-related Purpura.                                                                                  
  • It is a powerful anti-varicose veins formula, gentle enough to use anywhere on the body - face, nose, cheeks, and legs.                  
  • It is a powerful anti-varicose veins formula , gentle enough to use anywhere on the body - face, nose, cheeks, and legs.                 
  • Simply use it a day and you'll see results in just a few uses.            
  • Dramatically reduces the visibility of acnes, scars, thread veins in just weeks.




  1. Open battery cover  and install the battery
  2. Clean your skin and apply essence or a mask
  3. Switch on the device and make sure the working indicator light is on. It will release blue LED light. The treatment head will slightly heat. After 1 minute, temperature will go up to 42 degree
  4. Hold the conductive metal stick and the probe will release the +5V BIO electric current. Along muscle and the direction of lymph, move the device slowly on face from inside to outside, from bottom to up
  5. In the treatment process, the device will beep in every 5 seconds. After 2.5 seconds, the treatment stops. Wait for 5 seconds and new course will be started.
  6. According to your skin condition, adjust your treatment time. Generally is 10 minutes

Product Detail:

  • Size: 172*65*38mm
  • Power Supply: 1*AA battery(not included)