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Snap N Grip Wrench Multipurpose Tool

Snap & Grip Wrench Tool is a multipurpose tool, which helps in tackling multiple sized wrenches on your own. In addition, it is the solution to all your problems with taps, valves, pipes, lines, radiators, boilers, wheels and so on. With Snap & Grip Wrench Tool, you will always have the right wrench on hand for all types of nut and bolt.

Snap n Grip Wrench consists of two universal keys that will adapt to all your needs. Snap n Grip Wrench replaces all German keys, the French keys, the guazotans and all the corresponding tools. Moreover, it applies to the sizes and shape of nuts and bolts, regardless of whether they are round, hexagons, squares or even tubes

Snap n Grip Wrench contains two different wrenches that fit the size and shape of nuts and bolts ranging from 9mm to 32mm. This tool will save your time, money, space and fulfill all of your needs mid head for sizes 15mm to 22mm, and small head for sizes 9mm to 14mm.

Snap n Grip Wrench consists of two different wrenches, which is one small wrench and one large one. The large wrench has one head for bigger nuts and bolts. The small wrench has two different-sized head on each end.

With Snap n Grip Wrench, you do not need for having multiple wrenches of different size because this handy set works great for all the bolt shapes and sizes. It is efficient and easy to use. Snap & Grip Wrench Tool deals with all those plumbings, carpentry, mechanical and garden jobs in the house, garage, and garden.

Snap N Grip Wrench For All Bolt And Nuts Shapes And Sizes


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Two universal keys adapt to all your needs.
  • Replace all German keys, the French keys, the guazotans and all the corresponding tools.
  • Its technology is based on the fact that pressure is applied at 3 points at the same time, giving a very tight, safe and stable tightening.
  • Practical and convenient for use
  • Easy to operate
  • Design for family use or outdoor use


  • Type: Wrench Set
  • Wrench Size: 210/290mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Sizes:

      • The Large head is designed for 23mm to 32mm sizes
      • Mid head for sizes 15mm to 22mm
      • Small head for sizes 9mm to 14mm


  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.68kg (1.50lb.)
  • Package Size: 17cm x 11cm x 5cm (6.69in x 4.33in x 1.97in)