Smart Plant Pot™ Singing LED Flower Pot

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Smart Plant Pot™ Musical Bluetooth Led Flower Pots

Can you imagine playing piano on a real plant? Grow your favorite plant in this magic flower pot. The plant will sing a wonderful song by touching on it. Just like you are playing piano. Several songs for you to switch freely. Meanwhile, a warm ring light will twinkle along with the rhythm.

Give a magical touch to your home, garden, office, hotel, restaurant, or any other place with these magic pots. This not a usual plant pot. The plant will play a song upon your touching, just as if you are playing the piano. Meanwhile, a warm LED ring light will twinkle along with the rhythm. 

 Smart Plant Pot™ Singing Flower Pot with LED Light

Touch the plant then it will give you light and sound response. It is a creative flower pot full of vitality with Exclusive Innovation Function. Through the embedded sensors of the soil, the plant on this flower pot can feel your touch and return you the lively music and warm light.  

Singing Flower Pot is a multifunctional flower pot. You can use it to purify air at your home or office, for decoration, to add a warm bedtime experience for both kids and adults thanks to its LED lights, and also to relax and enjoy your time thanks to its fashionable Bluetooth speaker.

 Smart Plant Pot™ Singing Flower Pot with LED Light

The flower pot has a lovely and funny egg shape. It comes in beautiful colors and elegant line of good quality, which makes your room have a better atmosphere, and you have a good mood. The speaker has perfect sound quality for you to enjoy the music. The unique brilliant gift is for unique you or your families, lovers, friends, classmates.

This creative LED Light flower pot makes the plants more vivid. It uses a sensor plugged into the soil that can detect your touching of the plants. After turn on, short touch will trigger the light and music (Play mode), long touch will keep the light on (Night light mode).


  1. Remove the product from the package.
  2. Transplant your favorite plants in Qplant-1, give a small amount of water to keep the soil wet.
  3. After the plant is ready, please put it aside for 1min, wait for the product to adapt the environment. Then, long touch the plant to turn on the Qplant-1.
  4. After turn on, every short touch will trigger the playing sound and light. Long touch will enter the Play Mode; Qplant-1 will play “Happy Birthday” song continually. Then one more touch during play mode will trigger the Night Light Mode and the light will keep on.
  5. You also can choose to grow a plant by your hand. When the plant is ready, you can follow the same instructions


  • Home decoration office, Gardens, and other public areas creating special event in hotels,
  • Private villas, Private courtyard, restaurants, and nightclubs,
  • Events/Parties/Product, Launches/Exhibition, Display/Retail,
  • Display/Wedding Ceremonies/Corporate Displays.
  • KTV lobby, KTV room, Bar, Coffee shop, Disco, Nightclub, Park, Garden, Swimming pool, Villa, Cinema, Plaza etc.


 Smart Plant Pot™ Singing Flower Pot with LED Light

  • Just by touching the real plant, the flower pot makes a wonderful piano sound;
  • Flowerpot is a Bluetooth speaker with a night light.
  • Premium sound quality without distortion
  • Three-in-one magic pot: Bluetooth speaker, flower pot, and seven-colour LED night light
  • Touch the plant to play music
  • Connects to a Bluetooth device like a phone
  • Rainbow night light mode
  • Multi-functional for your life


  • Bluetooth version: V3.1
  • Bluetooth distance: 10M
  • Speaker: 50mm 5W3Ω
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 90dB
  • Frequency Response: 20~20 kHz
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Working voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging parameter: 5V 500mAh
  • Charging time: about 4 hours
  • Play time about 12 hours
  • Package includes: 1 smart flower pot sensor Bluetooth speaker + 1 x USB cable + 1 x user manual


 The product is a music flower pot, and it comes with no plants. You can put your favorite plants.