Sift Away Cat Litter Box

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If you love cats but hate smelly, messy litter boxes, you need Sift Away Cat Litter Box, the amazing new self-cleaning litter box that’s spotless in seconds. 

Sift Away Cat Litter Box is a litter box for cats to clean without digging through clumps of waste on your hands and knees. The 3 trays it includes are identical but when turned 180 degrees they interlock to trap clean litter only. Handles make lifting a breeze. When the top tray is lifted and sifted, the soiled litter and waste are easy to remove and this leave bottom trays with clean litter.

Sift Away Cat Litter Box is the easy, quick way to clean the cat litter pan. Just lift top tray to separate waste from clean litter, dispose the waste on the tray, and place it at the bottom of the litter box, under the other two trays. 

Sift Away Cat Litter Box is an ideal product for cat owners because it relieves cat owners of the most of the effort involved in cleaning after their pets. It helps also owners to save money because it requires less litter. 

With Sift Away Cat Litter Box, cat owners do not have to scoop up the clumps. This product comes in blue color. It has a very simple design, and the same time seems to be super effective.

3 Pcs. Sift Away Cat Litter Tray


  • Tricky design makes cleaning after your act a breeze 
  • No more scooping poop
  • No need to waste money on cat litter
  • Tricky design of 3 interlocked trays
  • Easy to use, a quick lift and sift
  • Reduce the amount of litter you use
  • Top tray collects the clumps while the bottom two catch the clean litter to reuse again and again
  • One bag of litter can last up to a full month, saving you money
  • Works with any litter brand


  • Size: 17”L x 12 1/2” W x 4 1/2”H
  • Type: Storage Boxes & Bins
  • Lattice Quantity: 3
  • Material: Plastic