Shining Artificial Aquarium Jellyfish

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Decorate your aquarium interior for all your fish with this amazing artificial jellyfish!

It can move by water current in the tank. It adds beauty and delight to your aquarium. With this glowing jellyfish, you can build an ideal underwater world.
These fabulous Jellyfishes are made of soft silicone, and they naturally rise in the water. When you match them with aquarium light, they will glow!

Available in various colors.


Color: Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow

Material: silicone

Size: Approx. 20cm/7.87inch


  • Silicone material, flexible, realistic and vivid.
  • Incredibly detailed imitation floating jellyfish
  • It adds beauty and delight to your aquarium
  • Fish friendly and will not harm the fish
  • Material: Silicone
  • Glowing effect  with aquarium light
  • Moves by Water Current in the tank
  • Attached to thin invisible line and suction cup
  • Harmless to All Fish
  • For both fresh and saltwater.

 Package includes:

1 x Beautiful Artificial Jellyfish