Ruggies™ Anti-Slip Rug Grippers (4pcs/set)

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Ruggies™, the amazing reusable rug grippers, keep rugs and mats in place without messy residue! No more rugs sliding around or tripping over the edges!

Ruggies™ are reusable rug grippers that are super easy to use...just peel and stick! Each rug gripper fits in the corner of your rug and keeps your rug from slipping and sliding around. Prevents curled corners, bunches, slips and trips.

Ruggies™  are the best solution for rugs that dangerously slide flip and flop. Now, your rug will stay in its place. It will even secure the rug while you're vacuuming. These anti-slip rug grippers are made of high quality, durable silicone.

Ruggies™  grip hard floor surfaces or carpet without any adhesive or glue. The secret is the tacky grip polymer technology, which grips the rug, while hundreds of suction pockets grip the floor. Can be used on many different surfaces, wood, tiles.

Ruggies™ anti-slip rug grippers

Ruggies™  are washable and reusable. If they start to lose their grip, simply wash ruggies in soap and water and they're like new again! The ruggies kit comes with 4 ruggies.

Ruggies™ anti-slip rug grippers


  • Stops rugs slipping across floors
  • Works great on hard floors
  • Just press to stick on
  • Grips floors without any sticky residue
  • Reusable – just wash with soap and water
  • Prevents slips and trips
  • Stop rug corners from curling
  • 8 ruggies per pack

material: silicone
colors: black
size: 14.5cm x 7.5cm
package content: 4pcs/set    rug grippers