Pressure Snow Foam Blaster

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Transform every vehicle wash into an amusing foam party with the Pressure Snow Foam Blaster! If you are bored with the same car wash routine, the Snow Foam Blaster will completely change the way you wash your automobile. This tool will help decrease the 'Swirling Effect' on your paint surface when cleaning your car with the sponge or wash mitt method. Put in powerful foam action to wash paint and put in lots of pleasure to the process! This foam lance is confirmed to be one of the trendiest and vital wash means on the market nowadays with lots of people using them to keep their cars appearing marvelous, and preserving the worth of their cars by maintaining the paintwork in swirl free state. This Car Washing Gun makes soft fluffy snow foam that helps you wash your car effectively without to scrub its surface. The thick foam suds melt rods and dirt on paint, as a result, it lessens swirl marks, and scratches. Unlike any other low-priced foam guns or foam makers, this brand new foam Blaster creates thick, frothy foam covering and sticking on your car. It works with any pressure washers, small and big. It also saves water and is eco-friendly. Used as a Pre-Wash device, it combines with the Snow Foam and with water flow to create thick foam, which sticks to the car.


  1. Put PTFE tape on the brass tube (two threads), each thread needs 50cm PTFE tape.
  2. Put the fitting/adapter with brass tube and suction tube on foam lance unit.
  3. Fill fluid bottle with desired amount of shampoo.
  4. Fill fluid bottle with water (for best results, use warm water, 20% shampoo +80% water is suggested).
  5. Shake the fluid bottle to mix the shampoo with water thoroughly.
  6. Attach fluid bottle to foam lance unit.
  7. Attach the fitting/adapter to pressure washer gun, and you can start playing with it.


  • Bubble delicate and rich
  • Used as corresponding accessories of pressure washers for cleaning the car, mechanical equipment, floors, walls, etc
  • Simple operation, just need a washing machine, without air compressor, you can easily have a professional machine bubble jet effect.
  • Can be directly connected with the gun on the pressure washer
  • Bottle can be mounted 1L cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid suction amount can be adjusted, spray angle can also be adjusted according to need, it is very convenient to use


  • Type: Sprinklers
  • Sprinkler Type: Snow Foam Lance Bottle
  • Material: PA Nylon, Brass, Stainless Steel
  • Size () :28x8cm
  • Highest temperature: 60 ° C - 140 ° F
  • Rated pressure: 200BAR - 2900PSI
  • Maximum pressure: 280BAR - 3200PSI
  • Maximum flow: 20L / MIN - 5.3USGpm
  • Adapter: For Karcher K Series
  • Package Include: 1x Foam Lance, 1x 1L Bottle


  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.524kg (1.16lb.)
  • Package Size: 35cm x 45cm x 10cm (13.78in x 17.72in x 3.94in)