Perfect Angle Ruler

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The Perfect Angle Ruler will help you complete numerous home projects, awkward and hard to trace angles effortlessly in no time! This remarkable tool handles all sorts of measurements easily- including plumb cuts, radius cuts, bulls eyes, arches and many other unique shapes.


  • Portable and Ergonomic - folds for easy storage and utilizes a unique tightening mechanism for one-handed operation.
  • Easy measuring - get accurate measures accurately! Simply form our tool to fit the space you're measuring. Then tighten to lock into place and use to mark your work piece for accurate cutting.
  • Save time - Say goodbye to multiple templates or measure the same corner over & over again! Our tool can quickly & easily adjusts to fit all shapes & angles. Measures both inches & centimetres.
  • Flexibility - with our tool’s 4 adjustable, 2-sided arms, you can create a custom stencil for every job. Use it to mark tile, flooring, bricks, lumber, laminate, metal, and many environment as you like!

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).