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White Pearl Whitening Pen is a unique product for whitening teeth. It is a quick and easy procedure with visible results.

This teeth whitening pen removes pigment very effectively without damaging the tooth enamel. It allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home, without having to pay for expensive dental whitening. 

White Pearl toothpaste contain high levels of fluoride, which strengthens teeth and tooth enamel and actively protects teeth from decay. It also disinfects mouth, prevents periodontitis, and has anti-inflammatory effects.

The active ingredient of carbamide peroxide also guarantees high-quality teeth whitening without risks. The teeth whitening pen is tested and approved by dentists. 


  • Brush your teeth and then dry them
  • Screw thread on the bottom of the squeeze tongue gel pencil
  • Apply a thin layer of gel to the front teeth. Avoid application on the gums
  • Avoid contact of the lips with the teeth for at least 60 seconds to dry the gel and can cause
  • We recommend not to eat and drink and smoke at least 60 minutes after application, to streamline the action of the gel
  • After the expiry of at least 60 minutes, rinse mouth
  • Apply several times daily to achieve the desired result


  • White Pearl whitening pen 3 x 6.6 ml
  • Immediate bleaching effect
  • Long-lasting result
  • Easy on the teeth
  • Protects the oral cavity and keeps it healthy
  • Really valuable composition


1 x Express Whitening Pen