Modern Acupuncture Laser Pen


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Are you afraid to be punctured by needles?  you believe in alternative medicine and do not like taking over the counter meds to relax out with a headache?  this can work.

How To Use:
1.Install 1 x AA battery in the compartment
2.Turn on the device by holding the handle with the tip up and pressing the lower half of the black toggle button.The number 1 should appear on the display.Repeat to increase power up to 9.
3.Put a small amount of contact gel on your inside wrist.
4.Starting with the device on a medium-low setting, firmly press the tip to the wrist.If you do not feel anything at first, slide the tip around the general area until you feel the pulsing sensation.If you still do not feel anything, click the button to a higher setting.
5.If you feel a stinging sensation it is because there is not the solid connection from the tip to your skin.Use more contact gel to fix the problem.
6.Continue sliding the tip around until you feel a strong pulse.When the pulse is strong it means you have found an acupoint and you are stimulating it.You may hold the acupoint directly on the point or gently massage the point.

Most important thing is one should know about acupoints, the way they work in order to use this device effectively
A phenomenon like "Electric leakage, Electric numbness, Electrical Stimulation" of Electronic Acupuncture Pen, like discussed above, is not a quality problem, but its treatment principle.
Powered by:1 x AA battery (not included)
Please read the user manual carefully before you use it
1 x Energy Acupuncture Pen
1 x Dome type head
3x gel
1 x English User Manual