MicroTouch Max Precision LED Facial Hair Trimmer

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Delicate Trimming MicroTouch Gadget for Men

MicroTouch Max is a high precision LED facial hair trimmer. It is the hottest facial and hair care for men gadget. An invention that guarantees you ideally trimmed facial hair at once!

Use this high Precision LED Facial Hair Trimmer gadget to trim different length hair as eyebrows, mustaches, and chest hair. Use it also to clean up eyebrows, unibrows, and unwanted upper lip hair.

MicroTouch Max has been particularly intended to cut hair safely and gently in awkward areas, like around your nose and ears. The high precision steel cutting blades are ideally built for delicate trimming and are perfect for tidying up your beard, sideburns, eyebrows, neckline, and the hair around your ears in the middle of haircuts.

The high precision led facial hair trimmer has uniquely designed blades that help you avoid painful grooming, pulling, and dragging, offering you all the comfort. The blades operate with high performance in full angle when grooming excess hair. This hair trimmer also comes with a LED Light that illuminates all dark areas, therefore extra safe and suitable.

MicroTouch Max Precision led facial hair trimmer looks as great as it performs. Its compact and slim design allow you to use it anywhere. To have a professionally groomed look use Micro Touch Max. This compact trimmer comes with a built in light for easy hair removal. It trims hair anywhere with micro-precision.

Micro Touch Max is easy to use and removes excess hair instantly and painlessly. Gets as close as a blade, yet it is safe to the touch. It is powerful enough for the hard stuff. The super-bright built-in light allows you see what you are doing.


  1. Remove the Cap then turn MicroTouch Max on by turning the Off/On/Light Switch to the "On" position. Turn the switch to the "Light" position to turn on the Light (illustration 4 in the User's Manual).
  2. Hold the trimmer at a 45-degree angle to the desired area and trim in the opposite direction of your hair growth (illustration 5 in your User's Manual).
  3. Continue to trim in the opposite direction of the hair growth until hair is removed (illustration 6 in your User's Manual).


  •         Built-in LED light;
  •         Rubber non-slip grip;
  •         Trims hair with micro precision
  •         2pcs comb to trimming different length hair + Brush to clean the trimmer;
  •         The 2mm/4mm Comb is for trimming shorter eyebrows/mustache hairs. The 6mm Comb is for trimming longer eyebrows/mustache hairs;
  •         Hypoallergenic with a stainless steel blade, Comfortable, and Safe;
  •         Professional personal shaver with lightweight design;        
  •         Powered by one AAA battery (not included);
  •         Note: Water will cause damage to your Trimmer. Do not use Trimmer in a damp room or near water. When not use, be sure the trimmer is turned off.


  •         Material: ABS plastic and stainless steel blade
  •         Color: Green
  •         Voltage: 1.5V
  •         Power Supply: 1*AAA battery (not included)
  •         Weight: 44g
  •         Size: Approx.14*2 cm (Length*Width)
  •         Package includes 1 x cleaning brush, 1 x Electric nose hair trimmer, 2 x Comb, and 1 x AAA battery.