Magnetic Eyeliner for Magnetic Lashes

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They make you feel 1000x sexier. (There’s a reason Insta models wear them 24/7.) So why aren’t you using them all the time?

Honestly… it’s because glue-on lashes are such a pain to apply, it doesn’t even feel worth it. It’s hard to put them on right. It takes forever. The glue gets everywhere.

Traditional magnetic falsies can be tricky, too. Here’s the thing — you shouldn’t have to choose between looking ultra gorgeous vs getting ready without a struggle

This Magnetic Eyeliner for Magnetic Lashes will definitely change your look! Toss out your eyelash glue and sub in Moxie liner. It works exactly like regular eyeliner, except it has a unique magnetic powder in it that holds magnetic lashes in place.

Just line your eyes like normal (you can even smudge it out!), lay your magnetic lash strip on top, and click! Gorgeous falsies all day and night. Glue-free. Applicator-free. Glam in two seconds flat.


  • Super Easy to use

Just draw your Moxie eyeliner on and the magnetic lashes will stick right to the liner. Refreshingly simple.

  • Foolproof application

Skip the learning curve and get instant results. You won’t need any fussy applicators or adhesives.

  • Endlessly repositionable

Want to adjust? Just pull them off and lay ‘em back on. No stress.

  • Secure

Three teeny hidden magnets keep your lashes in place all night and are simple to remove when you’re done.

  • Damage-free

Unlike lash extensions and adhesive lashes, the Moxie lash system won’t pull out your eyelashes or cause itchy reactions.

  • Fits your makeup routine

You were going to wear eyeliner anyway, right? It only takes a few extra seconds to pop your lashes on.

  • Seriously fast

They’re quicker than putting on mascara (and WAY easier to remove).

  • Comfortable

They’re lightweight and flexible — no crusty feeling every time you wink!

  • Mess-free

No gunky glue residue on your lashes. No sticky fingers. No accidentally smearing your eye makeup.

  • Gorgeous

The long, fluffy lashes blend in beautifully and deliver amazing volume for an effortlessly sexy look.