Mabox Bamboo Charcoal Blackhead Removal Face Mask

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Mabox Black Mask removes pores & achieves the deepest cleaning by removing the blackheads and other impurities. By using this mask  you can make your face purer. This charcoal mask will help you to feel cleaner skin, softener, smoother and fresher. This mask contains activated bamboo carbon, which is a great adsorbent to stick blackheads firmly.
So, gets into all your pores and gets impurities out!





✔️It tightly controls oil, cleans pore, removes blackhead and keep your face smoother
✔️Removes impurities from your skin
✔️Improves the blood circulation of your face
✔️Easy to use
✔️Your skin will feel nice and soft, the black dots will be gone and your pores closed 




✔️Main Components: Deionized water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Daily-used Fragrance, polyvinyl alcohol, Germall II, PVA.
✔️Naturally Black Color.
✔️Our natural ingredients help as a counter to free radicals on your skin. ✔️Ideal for almost all skin .
✔️Natural, Organic, No Alcohol, Cruelty-free mask .
✔️Not harsh to skin .
✔️Works equally well for women and men.



How to use:

  • Step 1: Wash your face with warm water and cover it with a hot towel to open the pores
  • Step 2: Spread the Blackhead remover mask gently on your face and wait for 10-15 for it to dry
  • Step 3: Peel off the black mask gently from chin to forehead
  • Step 4: Rains with cold water and you may apply your daily skin care products afterward