Height Boosting Insoles

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Height Boosting Insoles are perfect for you. They add from 3-9cm (1.2-3.5 inches) in height. They can reduce foot pressure for the heel. They have a special air cushioning design that protects your knees and ankles while providing a balance of foot pressure.

Height Boosting Insoles are also used for health reasons such as correcting leg length discrepancies or reducing and spinal shrinkage. These height-increasing insoles are great for people with jobs which require prolonged periods of standing and extreme walking routines.

Height Boosting Insoles come in a pair and one size fits all. They fit only Men's shoesThe Shoe lifts can be trimmed with scissors to fit your shoes. They make men appear taller and act as adjustable lifts.

Height Boosting Insoles are suitable for many kinds of shoes and boots. Height Boosting Insoles are very discreet that means no one will know you wear them. The dual air cushions in Height Boosting Insoles help for impact moderation, and they will be comfortable even after wearing for hours on end. 


Height Boosting Insoles

  • Lightweight comfortable Air bubble
  • Designed in a way to mold and shape into your foot
  • Ventilation air holes on the insoles with air cushion heel
  • Increase height for when you want that heel lift at parties wedding and more
  • Impossible to know you have heel lifts - once placed inside your shoes
  • Reduce pressure on both knees and back which can reduce spine problems.
  • Made from air breathing, durable and flexible high-quality fiber material
  • Suitable for many kinds of shoes and boots
  • Suit for standing a long time
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Material: Soft PVC
  • Quantity: 2pcs (1 pair)
  • Color: black
  • Size: Can fit Men's shoes (Insoles can be trimmed with scissors to fit your shoes)
  • Type: 4 Layers (9cm)
  • Package Included: 1 Pair X 4 Layers shoes pad