Hands-Free Lazy Mop 360

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Hands-Free Lazy Mop 360 makes your cleaning life super easy. It is a floor mop and 2 microfiber clothes with antibacterial and effective absorption properties. It has Double-sided cleaning head that lets you flip from dirty side to clean side so you can keep mopping without stopping or go from wet pad to dry pad without wasting any time.

Self-Wringing Double Sided Flat Mop has 360-degree rotating mop head, which helps clean corners. The handle material is stainless steel thus, it is durable to be twisted or spin around when cleaning. The mop plate can bounce back and keep vertical after mopping. The mop head can stand upright to keep the mop dry naturally and it also saves space.

Hands-Free Lazy Mop 360 is very flexible and lets you get into those hard to reach places such as the wall, under a desk, baseboards and more. The microfiber mop head cloth is machine washable and makes it super easy to reuse.  



  • Effectively cleans up dry dirt, dust, hair and other messes
  • Your hands never touch the dirty water
  • Mop head can be tilted and stand on its own taking very tiny space
  • Washable and easy to reuse
  • Stand upright storage
  • Hands-free squeezing device
  • Easy to operate
  • 360 degree rotating mop head helps clean corners
  • No wasting time to clean floors
  • Lightweight but very durable
  • Super absorbents for liquid
  • Safe for hardwood floors


  • Absorption: <10 seconds
  • Pole Material: stainless steel
  • Capacity: >701ml
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Mop head Quantity: 1
  • Head Shape: Mop
  • Handle Type: Telescopic


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