Furniture Lifter Mover

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Now its so simple to move furniture, you wont mind when its time to rearrange the living room...again. Just lift, place, and slide.

Furniture Lifter Mover is a set of tiles that you can place under the legs of any furniture to move it with ease all by yourself (even with one finger). No matter how heavy it is, how awkwardly shaped it is, or what surface you're on.

Furniture Lifter Mover gives you 10x your natural strength, allowing you to lift the corners of heavy furniture to place the slides. Furniture slides work on hard surfaces AND carpet. Just lift, place and slide. Clean in all those dark, hidden places, or rearrange rooms to design new spaces.

Furniture Lifter Mover is perfect for rearranging the furniture in your home, moving to a different place, cleaning under your furniture, getting behind your entertainment system to set up a new TV, or just for using to adjust and level your appliances.

Furniture Lifter Mover


  • Furniture moving system
  • Works on carpeted or smooth flooring
  • Doesn\'t harm furniture
  • For moving refrigerators ,sofas, beds, desks, cabinet, and more...
  • Simple and easy you can move it on your own.
  • Unique power bar gives you 10X your natural strength.


  • Material:   PP + Sponge + steel tube  
  • Net weight: 713g
  • Color: As Pictures Show (blue + white)
  • Contain: 4pcs pads,1 pcs basic
  • Package: PP bag or box is random