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You have a new or recent car and you want to protect the paint, keep its original shine?


Nano Ceramic 9H Protection is by far the most resistant protection on the market. The Nano Ceramic Protect 9H coating applied to the bodywork is permanently inked on the original varnish. Only sanding with abrasive paper can remove it. On the surface, it produces a deep and brilliant shine effect. Its properties of resistance to chemicals, micro-scratches, U.V., thermal and anti-graffiti are impressive. First, let's start with two or three things about Nano Ceramic 9H Protection. It is a material that has simply exceptional properties ... Extreme resistance to heat, friction and therefore wear but also relatively light. That's why it is used under the US Space Shuttle to resist the intense friction of the air on the fuselage. Nano Ceramic Protection 9H is an ultra resistant coating that protects your vehicle throughout its life.





✔️With spray nozzle, easy to apply.
✔️Super hydrophobic glass coating, H9 hardness.
✔️Act as a sacrifical barrier coating over the surface of your car's coat
✔️Protect your car from aging,fading,weathering and erosion, sunshine, sour powder,industry powder,etc.
✔️Protect your car from scratching, make the car more shining like the new.
✔️Only used in car paint.
✔️Effect can last about 1 year.


Type:Car liquid ceramic coat.
Material:Polysiloxane and other Nano materials etc.
Hardness:9H hardness.
Coating Thickness:30um.
Gloss:Excellent high gloss effect, shiny as mirror.
Anti-corrosion:PH tolerance: PH2-12.
Heat Resistance:Up to 760 degree.
Bottle Size:As the picture.