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Applying foundation with a finger, or a brush can result in stripe. Beauty blender here to help you, and also to fix your trouble’s make up. This soft blender blends a foundation, and contour cream to get a natural looking skin. Expect a professional look with beauty blender. However with this beauty blender, you can save your time; however you can use it quickly, effortlessly and, simply. Apply a foundation, powder, or any other complexion product with beauty blender. Achieve a flawless, and soft skin. 

Make up is really fun with beauty blender.

How to use:

1- Dampen beauty blender under running water.

2- Towel dry beauty blender.

3- Add your favorite make up, concealer or foundation.

How to clean your beauty blender:

1- To clean use antibacterial, soap, or shampoo.

2- Wash well, and squeeze water out.

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