Baby Seat Trainer Cushion

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The Baby👶 Floor Sofa will help your infant's back to stabilize while he learns to sit up.
Comfy support that wraps your baby and allow him to see its surroundings, while you do your chores


  1. Portable Baby Seat Trainer Cushion for 3-16 Months.
  2. Designed for infants. It helps infants learn sit up quickly.
  3. Builds the baby's strength in a safe environment.
  4. Providing infants a safe and comfortablesitting chair.
  5. Not restricting, the baby can move freelywhen seated.
  6. 2 leg holes help keep your baby in a proper sitting position.
  7. Attach your child's favorite toys on the front 2 loops.


  • Material:Cover:Plush, Filling:PP cotton.
  • Size:40*40*20cm/15.74*15.74*7.87inch