20W Solar Charger and Power Bank

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Many people that are looking for a portable power solution are going to be better off skipping the solar charger altogether and starting with a USB battery pack. Our large battery pick will keep a smartphone charged every night for a week and is no bigger than a paperback novel. However, if you will be on the trail for more than a week, you can’t be sure of your power needs, or you want something to tuck into your emergency kit, a solar charger could refill a small battery pack in a day or directly charge a smartphone in two to three hours.

This amazing 20W Solar Charger and Power Bank feeds power directly to your device or a power bank (purchased separately), it allows you to detach your USB port from the panel up to a distance of one meter, so that you can leave it outside while charging your phone safely indoors via the USB port. Exerting the same power in direct sunlight as a USB mains socket, the 20W charger can charge two devices at the same time. 


Powerful SunPower Panel:
The transformation effeciency of SunPower is up to 21.5%-23.5%, most other similar products on the market are 15% or less.
Dual Port Power3S Technology:
Smartly identifies your connected device and provides the fastest and safest charging current for up to two devices.
Automatic Restart
If the Sun fades and there is not enough light to charge your device, this  Solar Charger will automatically restart charging,when the sunlight becomes strong enough. Perfect for multi day charging or on a cloudy day.


Battery Capacity (mAh): 0-3000mAh

Output: 5V/2A

Power: 20W
Panel Type: SunPower
Opened Size: 270*675*4 mm
Closed Size: 270*150*28 mm
Weight: 550g 

Input Interface: Micro USB

Output Interface: Double USB

Package Includes:

1 X 20W Solar Charger
1 X User Manual
1 X Warranty Card