Elegant Toothbrush Oval Brushes Set

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It’s true what they say if you have a job to do and want it done properly…

YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS. For makeup to look really great - whether yours is ‘au natural’, full-force color, office-appropriate -you’ve got to put it on with an excellent set of brushes (and then blend). Our makeup artists visited the best brush suppliers in the business and collated their picks into the perfect Toothbrush Oval BRUSH Kit.

  This multipurpose 12 piece set of essential makeup brushes from ANMOR includes must-have brushes for countering and mastering foundation.with a smart rack useful for organizing.

with this brilliant color and the tender Synthetic Hair, you'll feel extremely smooth!

Product Details:

Quantity:10 Pieces a Kit

Handle Material: Plastic

Brush Material: Synthetic Hair, Nylon

Material of rack: Plastic


Function: Apply Foundation, Blusher, Eyeshadow, etc